Course Description

Core Courses (21 hours)

BUSI 5301 Research Method


This course focuses on the nature of research, problem identification, methods of observation and data collection, analysis and interpretation, research communications, and project development. Students will learn both qualitative and quantitative methods as they are used in solving business problems.                                                                        
Prerequisites: None

BUSI 5302 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business for Managers

This course examines the application of law to business. It includes the study of ethical issues that arise in current business settings, including professional conduct and corporate social responsibility. Students will learn how to target the decision-making process from an ethical standpoint.                                                                                                  
Prerequisites: None

ACCT 5303 Accounting for Decision Making

This course is an introduction to the basic financial and managerial accounting topics including GAAP, the major financial statements, accrual accounting, financial reporting alternatives, professional ethics, financial statement analysis, cost behavior, cost systems, short-and long-term decision-making with strategic considerations, and product costing. The course also provides the students with a review of environmental accounting.          
Prerequisites: None

ECON 5304 Global Economic Environment

This course analyzes the causes, effects and policy responses to major global economic issues. It focuses on financial crises and challenges facing countries around the world. Possible topics include unsustainable debt, European union, aging populations, global warming, inequality and poverty, oil and commodity markets, international institutions, and the implications of rapid growth in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) economies.
Prerequisites: None

MKTG 5305 Marketing Concepts and Strategies

Focus will be on developing proficiency with key marketing concepts and skills including: identifying opportunities and threats in the market environment; forecasting market growth; evaluating customers and competitors; segmenting, targeting, and positioning; determining product, price, place and promotion components of marketing strategies; and assessing marketing performance.                                                                         
Prerequisites: None

FINA 5306 - Financial Management Concepts

It is assumed that the student taking this course has learned the fundamentals of time value of money, project assessment, investment and asset management. These fundamental skills will be needed by students to participate in group-based case analysis.  Through case studies, students will learn how to develop financial strategies that include assessment of mergers and acquisitions, project and portfolio evaluation, financing and other current issues in financial management.                                                                                            
Prerequisites: None

MGMT 5307 Decision Theory and Business Analytics

This course will focus on the modeling process of identifying, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting results for use in decision making. Students will learn to utilize managerial decision-making tools to analyze complex business problems and arrive at a rational solution.
Prerequisites: BUSI 5301

Concentration Courses (15 hours)

MGMT 5311 Organizational Behavior

This course will explore the psychological and sociological foundations of individual and group behavior in organizations. The instructor’s purpose is to help enhance students’ abilities to motivate others, make decisions, design organizations, and navigate national and corporate cultures. Special focus will be on multicultural businesses. Students will be provided with the knowledge to help develop their abilities and skills necessary to become successful members of global organizations.
Prerequisites. Completion of 21 credit hours of MBA core courses

MGMT 5312 Human Resources Management

This course studies the role of the human resource professional as an integral partner in managing today’s organizations. Functions such as recruitment, selection, development, appraisal, retention, compensation, and labor relations are examined. Legal and global environments will be analyzed as well as current issues such as diversity training, sexual harassment policies, and rising benefit costs.

Prerequisites. Completion of 21 credit hours of MBA core courses or Instructor approval.

MGMT 5313 International Business and Global Strategy

This course examines the various challenges of operating in a global environment, including cultural, economic, operational, and legal aspects. It also reviews the concepts of global expansion, political complications, legal compliance, and ethical behavior.

Also, there is a mandatory 2-week trip to China which will afford students to put in practice the global knowledge learned in this class through fieldwork and visits to Chinese firms as well as US firms operating in China.Prerequisites. BUSI 5302, ECON 5305, MKT

* MGMT 5314 Operations Management

This course focuses on managerial processes of operations in both manufacturing and service organizations. Topics covered include operations strategy formulation, inventory control, scheduling, facility location and layout, quality management, process and technology decisions as well as just-in-time production systems.
Prerequisites. Completion of 21 credit hours of MBA core courses or Instructor approval.

* MGMT 5315 Project Management

This course focuses on fundamental concepts in project planning, execution, and control. Students will learn how businesses, governmental agencies, and not-for-profits use projects to pursue their organizational objectives. Students will also learn how to manage projects to meet time, cost, and performance objectives. This course will cover planning, budgeting, scheduling, contract and subcontract management, negotiation and dispute resolution, and current project management software and tools.
Prerequisites. Completion of 21 credit hours of MBA core courses or Instructor approval.

MGMT 5316 Strategic and Global Management

This course will provide students with the opportunity to understand the challenges of strategically managing in complex organizations in a global environment. The structure of global industries and global competition will be examined to assist the students in understanding how to create and manage a successful global strategy.
Prerequisites. Completion of 21 credit hours of MBA core courses or Instructor approval.



MGMT 5314 Operations Management and MGMT 5315 Project Management are offered alternately every other year.